Purchase - Minimum system requirements:
Windows 2000 - Windows 7
600MHz Processor
512 MB memory

Databank is a Consignment, purchase, and Invoicing system designed to make managing your business easier than ever. Databank alows you to keep track of your inventory, sales, consignments, customers, vendors in one easy to maintain program. It was originally created for several pawn shops in 1998, but through out the years it has grown and branched out to other pawn shops, clothing, shoe stores, precious metal companies, scrap yards, junk yards, retail outlets, jewelry stores, and many other business's that require a user friendly, easy to use consignment or invoicing system.

Databank includes a great user interface with a database back end. It also includes detailed reports and daily cash balancing. It has the ability to backup and export data as well. Set up reminders to notify you when a product is low.
Keep track of inventory quantity, purchase price, sales price, and other important information needed to maintain your business. Load images for your item, set notifications to let you know when an item is running low.

              Enter your customer information once, then just type the name of the customer you are using on their next visit. Store all of your customer, invoice, vendor, and inventory data in one place.

Keep track of inventory sales, popular inventory
Check daily and monthly sales. Check which items are selling and which ones are not. Check other data through several customer specific reports that help you keep track of all of your information.


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